Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Ex-President of Somalia, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Tuesday expressed great concern over the Federal Government’s plan to demolish and exhume graves at the cemetery near Police Academy in Hamar-jajeb district in Benadir region.

“It is unfortunate that the bodies buried in these cemeteries are in such a state that it is difficult to determine their identities or even distinguish between male and female. As a result, their relatives are compelled to exhume the remains of their loved ones and relocate them to another location“, President Sharif said in a statement.

He called for the Government officials to act responsible and listen to the complaints from its citizens, acknowledging their living conditions, describing to be poor and couldn’t to afford to obey the order and rebury the dead again financially.

“I am suggesting to the Government to suspend the execution of this decision of exhuming the graves and come with other solution to handle the situation”, he added.

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