Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Governmteent of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Sunday evening cut the ribbon of new Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a cooking gas storage belonging to private company in Mogadishu.

“I am encouraging the Somali traders to invest the infrastructure of the country, and hope that we will the capacity not to import gas from abroad. This initiative will also protect the deforestation of the environment”, President Hassan said.

Managing Director of Banadir Gas, Ismail Abdullahi Siyad that their business project aimed at accessing permanent gas for cooking the food that can cover the needs with affordable price to all of the people, upper, middle and lower classes of the society while reaching out their distribution to the rest of the country.

Number of people using the cooking gas services are rising in major cities in Somalia in the past decade, despite fire accidents that sometimes happen which cause either serious injuries or death at homes.

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