Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-The Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has on Saturday afternoon landed at the airport of Dhusamareb town, the administrative capital of Galmudug State, establishing his base for an undisclosed period to scale up the second phase of the government’s battle against Al-Shabaab militants, who wield control over certain areas in the region.

As verified by Villa Somalia, the President will personally lead the second phase of the war against Al-Shabaab, determining the government’s resolute commitment to eliminating the militant’s threat.

1- Connecting Recovered Areas: Crucially, the government aims to regain control over regions wrested from Al-Shabaab in Galmudug. This endeavour holds paramount importance for implementing the government system. Presently, Al-Shabaab holds sway over most of the region, while government forces and officials remain confined to major urban centres and districts, susceptible to planned attacks.

2- Al-Shabaab Presence Significance: Al-Shabaab’s stronghold within Central Regions shows their fighting capabilities and territorial dominance. President Hassan’s objective is to secure an extensive region along the Shabelle River where there is Al-Shabaab presence.

With all responsible agencies established for the operation, why is the president personally leading this mission, and what objectives does he seek to accomplish?

Our research revealed these key points:

1- Global Focus: The President aims to attract global attention to the war against Al-Shabaab. Despite over 15 years of international support, Somalia’s security situation hasn’t has not achieved tangible progress, causing discouragement. Some fear Somalia is going to the path of Afghanistan. Hassan intends to change this idea and revive the hopes of the Somali people.

2- Shifting Discourse: Currently, the situation doesn’t seem in a “state of war,” because of the tensions between both sides for the past 15 years. President Hassan seeks to shift the conversation to active engagement in the war, gaining traction within the community.

3- Decision Making: As evident from the first phase of this conflict, particularly in the areas of El Burur and Gal Hareri, the ongoing operation demands political decisions at the presidential level. The geographical proximity of the
3- Decision Making: As evident from the first phase of this conflict, particularly in the El Burur and Gal Hareri areas, the ongoing operation demands political decisions at the presidential level, which will reduce challenges in the operation.

4- Motivating Local Community Forces: The president’s presence in Dhusamareb encourages the local community forces”Mawisley” as well as the government forces, showing the government’s commitment to eradicating Al-Shabaab

5- Personal Connection: Beyond his presidential role, President Hassan’s roots in Hiran and Galmudug show a sense of personal responsibility for the region’s welfare.

This battle between the government and Al-Shabaab in Galmudug will determine Somalia’s future governance and its self-reliance in maintaining peace and security.

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