Bosaso(Mogadishu24)-In a significant step towards bolstering maritime security, the commander of the police department of the Eastern Region, Abdukadir Jama Dirir, along with a high-level delegation of Puntland Police, met with officials from EU-NAVFOR ATALANTA Operations aboard the ESPS NUMANCIA in Bosaso, Barre region.

The meeting, held on the beaches of Bosaso city, focused on enhancing joint cooperation and information exchange between Puntland Police and the European Naval Force Somalia (EU NAVFOR). The primary aim is to combat piracy, illegal fishing, and other maritime threats in Puntland waters.

“The talks centered on strengthening the cooperation between Puntland Police Force (PPF) and EU NAVFOR to address pirates, illegal fishing, and other dangers to Puntland waters. Information sharing and cautious planning for joint operations have been described as important factors for the cooperation,” stated Abdukadir Jama Dirir.

This meeting comes in response to a recent increase in piracy activities, with several hijacking incidents reported earlier this year. The collaboration aims to ensure better preparedness and response to maritime threats.

Both parties emphasized the importance of joint operations and continuous dialogue to effectively tackle the challenges posed by pirates and other illegal activities in the Somali waters. The renewed cooperation is expected to enhance maritime security and safeguard the region’s economic interests.

The ESPS NUMANCIA, part of the EU NAVFOR ATALANTA Operations, plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of international shipping and deterring piracy in the region. The discussions reflect a shared commitment to maintaining secure and safe maritime routes for all stakeholders involved.

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