Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State Parliament has on Tuesday approved several amendments to Puntland State’s constitution, involving changes to its electoral system.

The key amendments include the implementation of a one-person-one-vote electoral system for both Presidential and parliamentary elections, starting from the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, the requirement for parliamentary candidate selection has been extended to 44 votes, replacing the previous system that allowed a win with just one additional vote.

However, President Deni’s proposed amendment was not discussed due to the ongoing political conflict related to the administration’s elections. Despite the unresolved issues, the President persisted with the amendment, leading the opposition to claim that it favours him and his re-election bid.

There have been several meetings between President Deni, accompanied by the speaker of the Parliament, and Vice President Ahmed Karaash, aimed to persuade him to approve the disputed amendment. However, these efforts failed, as Vice the President continued to oppose the bill, expressing concerns about potential security crises in Garowe city.

This development comes after Federal Members of Parliament representing Puntland State issued a stern warning to the Puntland State Parliament regarding a proposed constitutional amendment that triggered a political stalemate and sparked conflicts in Garowe.

Additionally, the Puntland Politicians Forum filed a case at the Puntland State Constitutional Court, expressing concerns over President Said Abdullahi Deni’s proposed electoral system, which they believe favours him and his party in the upcoming elections.

Despite opposition and concerns raised, the President is exerting pressure on the parliament to swiftly approve this proposal, resulting in unrest, turmoil, and heightened tensions within Garowe.

This developments came a day after high level officials from the Federal Government of Somalia including deputy Speaker of the Parliament were rejected to travel to Garowe to witness today’s Parliament session and its outcome.

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