Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State has strongly rejected what it called to be unilateral proposed changes into the provisional constitutional review in which the Federal Government was pushing forward.

Puntland State said in a statement on Monday night that it will not accept amendments made into the constitution, saying that the Federal Parliament of Somalia has not the power and legitimacy to make a new constitution.

The Statement noted that there were a few articles in constitution to be amended, but there were no needs for a new one which could only create dispute over what has been agreed.

“Puntland State strongly opposes and warns against developing situations on the state-building process of the Federal system in Somalia, in particular, Federal Government officials’ efforts in changing the provisional constitution”, the statement said.

Puntland State shared its concern with International partners including, the U.S, UK, Qatar, UAE,UN, AU, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway that it will not abide the new constitution and apply it.

This comes two days after former Presidents, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and other members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia issued a statement in which they opposed to the Government’s plan to push the Parliament to amend the constitution, specially from chapter one to four where the controversial articles like moving from Parliament system to Presidential system and election model included.

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