Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Puntland State is prepared to hold presidential election on January 8 this week after completing elections of members of the House of the Representatives, their leadership and electoral commissions.

 The electoral commission said in a statement yesterday that the election will be held on time, setting criteria, and conditions including an increase of payments required from presidential candidates vying for the presidency.  

Presidential candidates used to pay 20,000 U.S dollars before, but they are required to pay 30,000 dollars now while deputy presidential candidates will have to pay 15,000 dollars, 5,000 increase to previous charges according to the statement.

Puntland State will have the 7th leadership since its foundation in 1998 while elites and residents are optimistic that election will happen on time peacefully, following a standoff over election management between the incumbent president, Said Abdullahi Deni and opposition candidates in the past two months.

“The situation is Garowe tow is very quiet, but traffic jam as candidates are in election campaign now, the city hosts largest people during this time. I left Galkayo and came her to cover the election. Candidates started to register yesterday and the registration process will end today”, Freelance journalist told Mogadishu24 by phone.

About 10 candidates were expected to run for the presidency, but that number will likely come down according to sources.

“There is a ray of change here in Puntland soon and I wish Puntlanders for a success”, Ahmed Isse, one of the candidates said during  his registration in Garowe.

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