Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State Parliament on Thursday elected Abdirisak Ahmed Said as the new Speaker of the House of representative in an election in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland.

The Interim Parliament Speaker of the Puntland State, Hassan Abdalla Hassan announced the result, saying that Abdirisak won with majority of 37 votes in the first round, bringing the closest candidates in the contest not to decide to go to second round.

The elected Speaker of Puntland State Parliament, Abdirisak Ahmed is expected to lead the House for upcoming 5 years and create a situation where all Presidential candidates can run for the Presidency in a free and transparent election on January 8.

Mr. Abdirisak was also former regional electoral commission who was said to be very close the incumbent President, Said Abdullahi Deni.

The situation in Garowe was in tense the past two months following disputes over election management and doubts that the President Deni could rig votes and SCC-Khatumo stance over their participation in the election.

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