On Saturday, Somalia’s Internal Security Minister, Mohamed Ali Dodisho, announced the appointment of Ahmed Said Mohamed as the interim Director for the Immigration and Naturalisation Agency. This decision came in the wake of corruption allegations against former agency leaders.

This appointment follows the recent resignation of Abdikadir Elmi Ali, the former director of the agency, who announced his resignation while abroad on Friday.

Mr. Abdikadir along with 17 other top government officials face charges of corruption, embezzlement, and theft of public property. In his resignation letter, Abdul denied the allegations levied against him.

Among the individuals charged in the corruption case was Mohamed Aden Koofi, the former director of the agency preceding Abdul. Koofi also denied the charges, attributing them to ulterior motives and conflicting interests.

The immigration agency has become the focal point of an investigation by the federal government concerning corruption cases. The investigation claims that senior staff members within the agency are suspected of misappropriating a portion of the federal government’s funds, leading to concerns and scrutiny regarding the agency’s operations.

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