Bula-berte(Mogadishu24)-The Somalia National Army, backed by the Local Forces Macawisley, launched a successful operation on Saturday in Beroyabaal near the Bulo-burte District. The operation resulted in both fatalities and injuries among the militants.

During the operation, the forces encountered Al-Shabaab militants who attempted to retaliate. A direct confrontation ensued between the two sides following the initial attack.

The Somali Security Forces emphasized that their operation had a specific objective of targeting the Al-Shabaab group. As a result, the militants suffered huge losses, with up to seven members neutralized during the intense confrontation.

Mohamed Abdi Ware, the Special Presidential Envoy for Civilian Protection and Stabilization, affirmed that the fight against Al-Shabaab would persist as the local community remains dedicated against them.

“Shabaab, once again, attacks Beroyabaal near Bulo Burte. They think the momentum of the fight has slowed. They were badly defeated again. The people’s fight has nothing to do with military momentum. It is about survival & dignity. The people of Hiiraan are not going anywhere,” Ware stated.

However, the Al-Shabaab militant group has claimed that they killed five Somali National Army officers during the conflict.

The battle against Al-Shabaab initially began in the Hiiraan region, where the militant group faced defeats. This fight against Al-Shabaab has now expanded to other regions of Somalia, as the influence of the group persists.

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