Bula-burte(Mogadishu24)-Farah Ali Wasuge, a Commander of the Somali National Army’s 27th Division on Saturday provided details over on-going military operations at areas between Bula-burte and Beledweyne towns in Hiiraan region in central Somalia.

“The operation was successful and covered 115 kilometers, the forces pursuing the terrorists at every location in which they reach. It started from Kalabeyrka area near Bula-burte and expanded to a large swathes in the region, we arrested some captives from the enemy”, Farah said.

He said that SNA and local forces, Macawisley were jointly conducting the operation in the region during this week and up-to-date.

Earlier last week, Somali National Army and International Partners killed 60 Al-Shabaab militants and received weapons after carrying out operation at an area about eight kilometers southwest of Halgan district in the same region.

Al-Shabaab militants did not comment on the latest military developments in Hiiraan region so far.

This claims comes as the region is experiencing negative impacts caused by the recent riverine floods which caused large displacement, loss of properties and agricultural crops according to the UN and local agencies.

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