The Somali National Army, with the support of the Juballand state forces, successfully reclaimed Hagar town in the Lower Juba region from the control of Al-Shabaab on Monday. The liberation of this town, which had been under the grip of the extremist group for 16 years, signifies a major breakthrough for the joint forces. Their continued success in defeating the militants is bringing much-needed stability to the country after over a decade of unrest.

The fight against Al-Shabaab has been making significant strides recently, with the extremist group suffering substantial losses in the past week. Just three days ago, the Kenya Police Special Forces eliminated 20 militants in Mandera. On Sunday, the Somali National Army, along with support from the African Command, launched a successful offensive involving airstrikes and ground attacks, resulting in the death of 40 militants.

These ongoing advancements are crucial for Somalia’s pursuit of peace, stability, and the eradication of Al-Shabaab. The progress made by the joint forces is k ey to achieving self-reliance and ensuring a brighter future for the country.

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