The Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the second annual conference for the Somali Diaspora Community on Monday held in Mogadishu which aimed at encouraging the Somali Diaspora community to invest in the country and contribute their innovative ideas towards the country’s development.

The meeting was attended by the Somali Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, alongside the Minister for Internal Affairs, the Minister of Justice, and other distinguished officials representing various ministries.

Pleased to open the 2nd Somali Diaspora Conference organized by the Department of Diaspora Affairs of @MOFASomalia. Somali diaspora communities play a crucial role in Somali livelihoods through remittances, humanitarian assistance and participation in reconstruction efforts“,the FM said.

The Federal Ministers expressed their deep appreciation for the exemplary role played by the Diaspora Community in bolstering the Somali Government’s economy.

Federal Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs, and Reconciliation, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, highlighted the significant contribution made by the Diaspora community to the country’s economy. The Federal Government has received substantial financial support from the Diaspora, reaffirming their dedication to Somalia’s progress.

“I congratulate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for organizing this important meeting. For the past 30 years, the Somali brothers and sisters living abroad have been the major pillar of our economy. They have played a crucial role in the reconstruction of our country. They made the largest financial contributions to our nation over the past 30 years,” Minister Fiqi stated.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abshir Omar Huruse, expressed deep gratitude for the immense support provided by the Diaspora Community to the Somali people. He also highlighted his concerns regarding the challenges faced by Somalis residing abroad who are awaiting documentation and emphasized the need for their well-being and inclusion.

“Our brothers and sisters living abroad have been incredibly supportive of the government and the people of Somalia. They have contributed to numerous initiatives within our country. However, we are aware that some Somalis who have migrated to foreign countries are still awaiting proper documentation to legalize their stay. These individuals face various challenges, including healthcare and financial issues, as well as the inability to return to their home country due to prevailing circumstances. While our government currently lacks the necessary authorities to facilitate their repatriation, we are committed to collaborating with our fellow Somalis living abroad,” Minister Abshir affirmed.

The Somali Diaspora community has played an essential role in recent times by contributing to crucial initiatives, including providing financial supports to thousands of families affected by humanitarian crises such as droughts and floods.

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