Jowhar(Mogadishu24)-Somali Deputy Prime Minister, Salah Ahmed Jama on Wednesday visited Jowhar, the administrative capital of Hirshabelle State, to inaugurate the Jowhar Off-stream Storage Program (JOSP). This significant initiative is designed to reduce flood risks, mitigate drought conditions, and establish a climate-resilient irrigation system for over 1.5 million residents along the Shabelle River.

The launch event was attended by Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Hussein Gudlawe and other high-ranking officials. The JOSP aims to enhance water management and agricultural productivity, contributing to the region’s overall resilience against climate change impacts.

“This program is a vital step towards safeguarding our communities from natural disasters and ensuring sustainable water resources,” stated Deputy Prime Minister Jama.

The initiative marks a critical advancement in Somalia’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability and improve the livelihoods of its citizens.

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