Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Federal Government of Somalia on Wednesday marked World Environment Day, emphasizing the theme “Reforestation of the Land: Preventing and Building Resilience to Drought.” This year’s observance highlights the essential role of reforestation in combating drought and enhancing the nation’s environmental resilience.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Khadija Mohamed Al Makhzoumi, underscored the importance of this year’s theme in her remarks. She emphasized that reforestation efforts are vital for Somalia’s environmental health and sustainability, particularly in the face of recurring droughts.

“Reforestation plays a crucial role in mitigating drought and enhancing our environmental resilience,” Minister Makhzoumi stated. “By planting trees, we are taking significant steps towards a more sustainable and drought-resistant Somalia.”

As part of the World Environment Day activities, various government ministries, including those of Fishers, Environment, and the Mogadishu Municipality, organized cleaning initiatives targeting plastic waste pollution at Mogadishu’s beaches. Notably, efforts were concentrated on Curubo Beach in the Shangani district of the Benadir region, where volunteers collected significant amounts of plastic waste, aiming to improve the coastal environment and marine life.

Additionally, officials from these ministries engaged in tree planting activities, reinforcing the day’s theme of reforestation. Trees were planted at various ministry locations, symbolizing a commitment to environmental stewardship and the long-term benefits of increased green cover.

The cleaning and reforestation initiatives reflect Somalia’s broader commitment to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices. By focusing on reforestation and plastic waste management, the country aims to build resilience against environmental hazards and foster a healthier ecosystem.

World Environment Day serves as a global platform to raise awareness and drive action on pressing environmental issues. Somalia’s participation in this year’s observance underscores its dedication to tackling environmental challenges through proactive and community-driven efforts.

The activities conducted today not only enhance the immediate environment but also contribute to broader efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainability. As Somalia continues to face the impacts of climate change, such initiatives are crucial for building a resilient and sustainable future.

Through the combined efforts of government bodies and local communities, Somalia is taking meaningful steps towards a greener, more resilient future, in alignment with the global goals of World Environment Day.

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