Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Minister of Education, Farah Abdukadir, expressed deep gratitude to China for its continued support in providing full scholarships to Somali students. Speaking during a Twitter Space event on Saturday evening to mark the tenth anniversary of the national secondary school exams, the Minister highlighted the significant role Chinese scholarships have played in developing Somalia’s workforce.

“China is the only country that offers full scholarships to Somali students, and many of our leading engineers and doctors have studied there. We are immensely grateful to China for its support,” Minister Abdukadir said.

The Minister contrasted China’s support with other countries, noting that Egypt no longer offers scholarships to Somali students due to policy changes, making it difficult for students to apply through online platforms.

“Currently, Egypt does not provide scholarships to Somalia. Their policy has changed, and it has become challenging for our students to secure opportunities online,” he explained.

In addition to praising China, Minister Abdukadir announced plans to construct 13 new schools across all regions in Somalia, signaling a commitment to expanding and improving the nation’s educational infrastructure.

“Our ministry is dedicated to enhancing educational access and quality, and we will soon begin building 13 new schools across the country,” he stated.

The event celebrated the significant progress made in Somalia’s education sector since the government began administering national secondary school exams in 2015. The Minister’s remarks underscored the importance of international partnerships and local initiatives in advancing educational opportunities for Somali youth.

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