Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Federal Government (FGS) has initiated discussions with the United Nations to plan a transition from the current special political mission to a United Nations Country Team (UNCT) structure. This significant step marks a new chapter in Somalia’s development journey, reflecting the country’s progress and increasing self-reliance.

The process began with a historic first meeting in Mogadishu between technical teams from both the FGS and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). The discussions, which commenced yesterday, are expected to intensify in the coming weeks as both parties work towards establishing a clear timeline for a gradual and orderly transition.

The transition aimed to shift the focus from political stabilization to long-term development, aligning with Somalia’s evolving needs and aspirations. The move to a UNCT structure is seen as a positive development, indicating Somalia’s growing capability to manage its own development agenda and partnerships.

“This collaborative effort signifies a new chapter in Somalia’s development journey and reflects our progress towards greater self-reliance,” said a breif statement from FGS.

Details on the specific individuals involved in the meeting were not disclosed by the state-run media. However, the brief report highlighted the importance of the discussions and the commitment from both the FGS and the United Nations to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

The move from a special political mission to a UN Country Team structure is a strategic step that will support Somalia’s long-term development goals, focusing on areas such as economic growth, social development, and humanitarian assistance. The transition is expected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of UN support in Somalia, aligning more closely with the country’s national priorities.

As the discussions progress, both the Somali government and the United Nations remain committed to working collaboratively to support Somalia’s path towards sustainable development and stability.

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