Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Consultative summit between the former and current Somali leaders concluded today, discussing on political, security challenges, and the completion of the constitution. This two-day summit focused on crucial issues in the country, particularly the resolution of the National Consultative Agreement.

During the discussions, the leaders expressed differing opinions on various topics related to the electoral process. These topics included the type of elections in the country, the government leadership system, the Multi-party system, the National Election Commission, the unification of terms of federal and regional institutions, and the process of completing the constitution.

Today, I have convened day 2 of our discussions on the main issues affecting our nation, #Somalia with our country‚Äôs former political leaders and actors. This is part of our engagement with various political actors to shape a better future for our people and beloved motherland“, President Hassan said.

The summit commended the Federal government for its efforts in combatting Al-Shabaab, achieving significant milestones, and pursuing initiatives such as seeking debt relief, completing the state-building process, and transferring security responsibilities to the Somali National Army.

The summit aims to establish a politically stable government and equip Somalia with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and sustain progress, marking the beginning of a series of upcoming summits that will address critical issues within the country.

The two-day consultative meeting with the former leaders and politicians concludes successfully. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the participants and the organizing team. ‘#Somalia at peace with itself’ is the core foundation of President Dr.@HassanSMohamud‘s leadership“, Hussein Sh. Mohamud, Chief of Staff of the Presidency said.

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