Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Thursday officially launched the Great Green Wall initiative, and revealed significant financial commitment of 10 million dollars in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

During the launching ceremony held in Mogadishu, the President emphasized the significance of Somalia’s participation in the initiative.

“Somalia’s accession to the Great Green Wall initiative is a major milestone in our country’s commitment to addressing climate change and environmental degradation. These challenges have caused immense suffering to our people and Africa as a whole, particularly due to the circumstances that have existed in Somalia over the last three decades,” said Hassan Sheikh, the President of the Federal Government of Somalia.

President Mohamud also highlighted the devastating consequences of desertification and land degradation, particularly in the fertile Shabelle region. He mentioned past efforts in afforestation and sand dune fixation projects, which have underscored the necessity of long-term institutional development.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of regional partnerships and appealed to African nations to support Somalia’s endeavors in combating climate change.

“Regional partnerships are crucial for effectively addressing climate change and environmental degradation. We urge our neighboring countries and all African nations to join hands and support Somalia’s efforts,” President Mohamud stated.

The President has revealed his government’s commitment to the initiative and announced a 10 million dollar which will be part of the country’s allocation.

“The hardwork and dedication has brought us here today. Today we officially launch the Great Green Wall initiative in Somalia and announce our financial commitment to 10 million dollar which will be part of our country’s allocation from the adaptation fund in collaboration with the International fund for agricultural development, which we are very grateful for their support to Somalia,” he announced.

Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, MP Khadija Makhzoumi, recognized the importance of this initiative for Somalia, a nation grappling with climate change.

In a tweet, she expressed her immense honor in announcing Somalia’s membership in the Great Green Wall initiative.Makhzoumi stated, “Acknowledging the climate change and environmental issues within our nation has driven us to dedicate significant efforts to align ourselves with this remarkable endeavor.”

Somalia has been grappling with the devastating effects of climate change, including prolonged droughts that have plagued the country for over three years. However, in recent months, an unexpected turn of events occurred as the Shabelle River overflowed, leading to severe flooding in cities like Beledweyne, located in the Hiiran region.

This catastrophe resulted in the displacement of thousands of families and the destruction of numerous homes and properties.

The education sector has also been profoundly affected, prompting the Ministry of Education to postpone the national examination in Beledweyne, which was originally scheduled for May 27th. Despite the challenges, 1535 students in Beledweyne managed to sit for their examinations last week.

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