Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Somali Police Force is celebrating its 80th anniversary today in an event in Mogadishu, marking its founding on December 20th, 1943.

During the anniversary event, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emphasized the crucial role of the Police in the government’s pursuit of peace and stability in the country.

He underscored the importance of addressing differences through peaceful dialogue, highlighting the role of opinions and political diversity in state-building efforts.

“Differences in opinions are not inherently bad, but the way we handle differences may either bring a solution or a problem. Opinion differences act as a platform that promotes progressive agendas for the nation, and these differences should lead the country toward progress,” President Mohamud said.

“Despite our differences, we need to engage in dialogue on the issues and find people who can reconcile for one another. Whoever reconciles for the interests of this nation is a hero in our state-building efforts, while there are those who create problems based on personal issues and tribal affiliations,” he added.

The president urged the Somali people to work towards promoting peace, supporting ideas that benefit the nation, and collaborating with the government on its agendas.

“I urge the Somali people to promote peace, support ideas that are in the interest of the nation and the people. I also urge those with progressive opinions to support and collaborate with the government on its agendas. Let’s refrain from anyone hindering the progress of our nation and those who are holding us back,” the president stated.

President Mohamud emphasized that building a functional government is the sole responsibility of the Somali people, stating, “It is our responsibility to build a government that is peaceful and stable. The international community cannot build a government for us, but they offer their support, both financially and institutionally.”

He urged police officers to serve the people of Somalia, avoid causing harm to civilians, and emphasized that they are mandated to safeguard civilian rights and security.

Founded on December 20th, 1943, the Somali National Police Force is tasked with duties such as crime fighting, traffic control, maintaining public safety, and counter-terrorism. As the oldest armed force in Somalia, it operates under the Ministry of Internal Security.

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