The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has reaffirmed his unwavering campaign against corruption, vowing to safeguard public funds and ensure transparency in governance.

Addressing the congregation on Friday, President Mohamud shed light on the perils of individuals who exploit their positions for personal financial gain, labeling them as criminals.

He further urged the Somali people, particularly religious leaders, to support the government in eradicating corruption by delivering lectures in mosques to raise awareness about this issue.

“Anyone who steals funds intended for the needy, those who cannot even afford their hospital bills, is a criminal. However, those of us who witness such actions without taking action share the guilt. I implore the religious scholars to provide enlightening sermons in mosques, inspiring awareness against corruption, as the Sheikh did today,” stated the President.

President Mohamud made a resolute commitment to eradicating such unethical practices and apprehending all those involved in corruption.

“As a government, we are determined to eradicate these unethical practices. While it may be claimed that we have not apprehended all of them or have only arrested a few, we will pursue each and every one of them. It is the government’s responsibility to apprehend these thieves, which extends beyond those recently apprehended or those who have fled the country. However, the government cannot arrest all individuals involved in corruption simultaneously,” he added.

The President also stated, “If you are innocent and not involved in any criminal activity or thievery, why would you flee the country? We also have a duty not to unfairly judge anyone. Nonetheless, we assure you that every criminal will be duly punished according to the law.”

The President’s statement comes in the wake of Somalia’s Attorney General revealed the names of 18 high-ranking government officials accused of embezzling $21 million. Currently, only 9 of them have been arrested and are awaiting investigation, while the remaining individuals, including the directors of the Immigration and Naturalization Agency, have fled the country.

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