Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, strongly condemned the increased killings of key figures in Las Anod town in Sool region by the Somaliland Administration.

The Prime Minister extended his condolences to the families of the renowned Somali poet, Jama Kadiye Elmi, who was killed, and several others who were injured as the Somaliland Army launched mortar shell attacks into residential homes in Las’Anod town on Wednesday.

“I offer my heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives, and the entire Somali people for the demise of the renowned poet, Jama Kadiye, who was killed alongside other civilians, in the ruthless bombings targeted on the city of Las’anod by the Somaliland Administration, ” expressed Prime Minister Hamza.

The Prime Minister has strongly condemned the heinous indiscriminate attacks by the Somaliland Administration and stated that their actions will not be tolerated.

“The killing and attacks on academics, poets, and the Somali people as a whole by the Somaliland Administration are not acceptable and amount to a serious crime that would not be tolerated under any circumstances,” the Prime Minister added.

The former Somali Prime Minister Abdirashid Omar Sharmaarke, as well as former Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled, have also condemned the attack, demanding accountability from President Bihi’s government for the indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilian.

“The deliberate attack that killed Poet Jama Kediye and other innocent civilians in Lasanood must be condemned with the strongest terms. President Biixi’s regime must be held accountable for the indiscriminate shelling of prohibited targets, including innocent civilians,” stated Omar Sharmaarke, former Somali Prime Minister.

The President of Puntland State voiced deep concern over the escalating violence and the loss of prominent figures in the community.

“The attack by the Somaliland Administration that has targeted and killed the important community members such as elders, poets, and key figures in the Sool region, demonstrates the hatred Musa Bihi’s Administration holds for the people of Sool region. This will not be tolerated,” expressed the President of Puntland State.

The Supreme Council of SSC-Khaatumo extended condolences to the victims of the recent Somaliland army attacks in Las Anod, which killed Jama Kadiye Elmi and Sunday’s mortar attacks that killed eight people, including community leader Amir Jama Mohammad Digaale.

Jama Kadiye Elmi was a renowned poet within the Somali community, contributing significantly to Somali literature with his poetry across a diverse range of topics since the 1970s.

The conflicts in Las Anod began on February 6th, 2023, as a result of public protests against increased extrajudicial killings by the Somaliland Administration, targeting key public figures including religious leaders, elders, and intellectuals.

The conflicts in Las Anod have led to an estimated death toll of at least 300 people and the displacement of 154,000 to 203,000 civilians from their homes. This situation has sparked international outrage and repeated calls for an immediate resolution.

Despite calls from the UN Human Rights Committee and the International Community for peaceful dialogue and investigations into the indiscriminate attacks in Las’anod town, these calls have gone unanswered.

In the mountainous areas of Ga’an-Libah, anti-government forces have emerged, claiming to fight for the rights of the Somaliland people and voicing opposition to decisions made by senators and the electoral commission that extended President Muse Bihi Abdi’s term.

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