Nairobi(Mogadishu24)-A high-level delegation, led by the Vice President of Ethiopia’s Somali State, Ibrahim Osman Farah, on Sunday convened a meeting for Ethiopian citizens living in Kenya, particularly those from the Somali region.

The meeting aimed to address and share insights on important issues concerning the development, political stability, security, and investment opportunities in the Somali State of Ethiopia.

The vice president stated that the team’s visit to Kenya was to present investment opportunities to the community living in Kenya.

“Our main aim for this visit was to discuss and share insights with our people who are living in Kenya. We seek decisions and advises from the intellectual and bright minds that gathered in this forum. We also came to present investment opportunities in the region to encourage you to invest in our homeland and contribute to the economic growth of the region,” the vice president said.

He added: “There are a lot of investment opportunities for our intellectuals, business people, and our people living outside the country. As a government, we are committed to providing a working environment for anyone willing to invest in the region.”

The vice president further mentioned the achievements of the regional government in the last five years, including security and infrastructural development.

“Our region is the most peaceful region in the country, considering what we have achieved in the past years in terms of security and developments such us roads. Contrary to how the situation was earlier when our people were killing one another due to grazing land, and our roads were impassable. We have really made huge changes and developments in the past five years,” he added.

The meeting was attended by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Bacha Debele, and several Kenyan leaders from the Somali community.

Ambassador Bacha Debele emphasized the mutual relations between Ethiopia and Kenyan government, which ease the stay of its citizens in Kenya.

“Our collaborative and working relationship with the Kenya government has peacefully accommodated our people who are living here and invested in this country,” said H.E Bache Debele, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya.

A month ago, the vice president led a team to the United States of America for an important meeting to present invest opportunities to the Diaspora Community.

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