Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The President of the Somali State of Ethiopia, Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Omar, addressed crucial regional issues, focusing particularly on the achievements of the last 5 years.

In an interview with local televisions, the State President mentioned the tangible development that the government has accomplished during his five-year tenure.

“Over the past five years, we have achieved important developmental milestones, especially reconstruction of the government system, security enhancements, political progress, financial growth, restoration of social and religious values, as well as fostering unity among our people,” said Mr. Mustafa Omar.

“Throughout these years, we have actively worked on unity among the Somali people and promoting our positive history, countering the negativity that had been portrayed to the world before. As such, we have facilitated movement and trade relations between our residents in Jigjiga and across the region,” he added.

President Mustafa said that more than 500,000 individuals have returned to the Somali State of Ethiopia after fleeing due to previous humanitarian crises.

“Due to the unity and peace we have cultivated among our communities, over 500,000 individuals who were initially displaced to neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Djibouti have now returned,” he said.

Furthermore, President Mustafa mentioned infrastructural developments achieved during his tenure, particularly on areas such as roads, urban development, health, education, water, and production.

“We have implemented crucial developmental agendas aimed at improving our roads, healthcare, education, water access, and production sectors. This has created investment opportunities for our citizens, generated more employment opportunities, and contributed to the growth of our economy,” he added.

The President noted that over the past five years, the government has reinforced moral and religious values within the country.

“We have enhanced the moral and religious values within our society, starting from leadership down to the people we represent. Despite political critiques, we have minimized inappropriate messages and speeches during our meetings and press conferences. Throughout this period the government remained dedicated to conveying what serves the best interests of our people,” stated the President.

President Mustafa Mohamed Omar was re-elected as the President of the Somali State of Ethiopia in September 2021 following delayed elections from the same year’s June.

He was the only presidential candidate, as the three major opposition parties withdrew from the elections, citing unaddressed concerns.

This led to the participation of only the incumbent Prosperity Party’s candidates in the elections.

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