Nairobi, Kenya(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Ambassador to Kenya, Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle, voiced concerns regarding the increasing threats posed by Houthi attacks on shipping lines in the Red Sea, emphasizing the broader implications for Somalia and regional security.

Abdulle highlighted the strategic importance of Somalia in maritime commerce, drawing parallels between past piracy issues and the current threats posed by Houthi actions in the Red Sea.

“The disruption of global trade by Houthi attacks has immediate and severe implications for Somalia’s economy,” Abdulle stated, underlining the potential for increased terrorism and economic sabotage in the region.

Jabril alse expressed grave concerns over the possibility of Al Shabaab, receiving an influx of weapons and illegal ammunition from the Houthis via maritime routes.

He pointed out the dangers of Al Shabaab enhancing its arsenal with support from the Houthis, which could further destabilize the region and pose challenges to international efforts aimed at curbing terrorism and piracy along the critical shipping lanes of the Red Sea.

He suggested that such actions could inadvertently strengthen Al Shabaab’s narrative and recruitment efforts.

Somalia’s call for attention to the issue highlights the broader implications of Houthi activities in the Red Sea, not just for Somalia but for global trade and security as well.

The international community’s response to these challenges will be closely watched, with hopes for a strategy that addresses both the immediate threats to shipping lines and the longer-term issues of terrorism and regional instability.

The diplomat’s comment on this issue came as he was giving an interview to the Kenya’s Newspaper, ‘East African’ yesterday.

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