Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia has issued a strong warning to communities living in the Southern regions of the country regarding the heightened risk of flooding as a result of anticipated El Niño rains during the upcoming fall season.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised concerns about the adverse consequences of such climatic shifts, which could have a huge impact on both human lives and livelihoods.

Meteorological data from the IGAD Center for Climate Prediction (ICPAC) indicates a substantial increase in expected rainfall levels for the upcoming season.

“The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Federal Government of Somalia is issuing a public warning to the communities in the Southern regions of the country regarding the heightened risk of flooding due to the anticipated El Niño rains this fall season,” the statement read.

“These conditions hold the potential to contribute to as much as 80% of El Niño-related disasters in the region,” the statement read in part.

The Ministry has also called upon relevant government institutions and external stakeholders, including international organizations, to unite in a collaborative and cooperative effort aimed at providing relief and development assistance to vulnerable communities.

The Ministry affirmed its commitment to partner with regional ministries and meteorological centers to actively monitor weather conditions.

Somalia has been grappling with the devastating effects of climate change, including prolonged droughts that have plagued the country for over three years.

In May of this year, thousands of families were displaced due to the overflow of the Shabelle River in cities like Beledweyne, located in the Hiiran region in central Somalia.

This flooding has destroyed agricultural farms, several homes, and education centers.

The education sector has also been greatly affected, which caused the Ministry of Education to postpone the national examination in Beledweyne, which was originally scheduled for May 27th.

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