Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Government of Somalia has taken crucial steps to enhance its regional presence and commitment towards addressing critical issues affecting Somalia and the Horn of Africa region, including security, bilateral relations, and socio-economic developments.

The Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development of Somalia, Minister Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebene, alongside several Djibouti leaders, recently embarked on a tour of the Ali Sabieh region on Sunday.

As part of their visit, the Minister, accompanied by the Governor of the region, paid a visit to the Addeh district, Djibouti’s largest refugee camp, to assess the challenges faced by the residents living there.

“I visited Ali Addeh town in Djibouti, which serves as a home for Somali refugees. The visit was meant to assess their current situation and also an opportunity to update them on the progress made by the government. I also conveyed to them a message of hope from our leaders,” said Mohamud Ali Beenebeene, Somalia’s Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development.

Omar Ahmed Wa’ay, the Assistant Deputy Speaker of the parliament, expressed his appreciation for the Minister’s dedication in addressing the concerns of the communities residing in the Ali Addeh district.

“The Minister representing the Somali government is here with us today. He has shown great commitment to visit our districts to listen to our issues and address them. We have to welcome this move to foster regional development in our Horn of Africa region,” praised Omar Ahmed Wa’ays.

The residents of Ali Addeh warmly welcomed the presence of the leaders in the region and commended the government’s dedication to regional development initiatives.

This move by the Federal Government of Somalia and the collaborative efforts with Djibouti leaders signify a crucial step towards fostering regional development and addressing pertinent challenges faced by communities in the Horn of Africa.

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