Al-Shabaab militants have captured the strategic area of Goofgaduud-burey on Sunday afternoon after launching an offensive attack on the Somali National Army bases within the area.

After a fierce battle, Al-Shabaab fighters overpowered the Somali National Army, forcing them to withdraw from the area in the face of heavy pressure and defeat. The number of casualties and damages on both sides remains undisclosed.

Al-Shabaab claimed to have taken complete control over the area and inflicted huge losses on the government’s forces. However, the government has remained silent and has not issued an official response to the incident.

Goofgaduud-burey, located 30 kilometres from Baidoa, the capital of Southwest State, is a strategic location that would ease Al-Shabaab’s operations in the region.

Furthermore,Al-Shabaab militants made the decision to lift the two-week blockade they had previously imposed on Baidoa after negotiations between community elders in the region and top officials of the militant group on Sunday. The blockade had caused hardships for the inhabitants and raised tensions in the area.

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