Jeddah(Mogadishu24)-Somali Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Owais Haji Yusuf Ahmed engaged in meaningful discussions with H.E. Dr. Muhammad Al Jasser, President of the IsDB on bolstering collaboration to support Somalia’s development journey, emphasizing the nation’s vast resources and potential for growth Thursday.

Dr. Al Jasser reaffirmed the IsDB’s dedication to aiding Somalia in overcoming its hurdles, highlighting the critical nature of completing projects to ensure tangible benefits reach the intended beneficiaries. He stressed the importance of fostering unity, stability, and an inviting atmosphere for private investment in Somalia.

Ambassador Ahmed expressed his appreciation for the IsDB’s consistent support, especially during challenging times, and underlined Somalia’s commitment to resilience programs following the post-HIPC Program phase. He brought attention to the vibrant Somali private sector, heavily supported by the diaspora, and the vital role of the youth, who constitute a majority of the population. The ambassador emphasized the government’s focus on developing SMEs to cater to this key demographic.

Both parties concurred on the necessity of a cooperation framework aligned with the Somali government’s priorities, aiming to spur economic growth and stability. The meeting concluded on a hopeful note, with expectations of ongoing dialogue and future visits to fortify the partnership, setting a course towards sustainable development and prosperity.

Somalia’s active participation in the IsDB, evidenced by the numerous Somali professionals working across various departments, underscores the deep-rooted relationship and shared commitment to development goals. This alliance stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in navigating the path to prosperity.

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