The Somaliland Electoral Commission, in response to the recent decision of the Supreme Court, has reaffirmed its commitment to consult with all political stakeholders in the region.

Following a constructive meeting with representatives from the Somaliland Parliament on Tuesday, Chairman Musa Hassan Mohamed reiterated the Commission’s authority to independently schedule and conduct elections, emphasizing its freedom from interference by other government institutions.

“We had a fruitful meeting with the members of Parliament to engage in consultations and exchange ideas,” stated Musa Hassan, highlighting the collaborative nature of the discussions.

“We, as the Electoral Commission, hold the sole decision-making authority regarding the schedule of elections. We will release the election schedule soon. We welcome and deeply respect the statement made by the court, an institution with which we have collaborated on several issues,” he emphasized.

However, the protracted delay of the election in Somaliland has sparked concerns, plunging the region into a political stalemate and exacerbating tensions that have now escalated into armed conflicts. The repeated postponements have had a detrimental impact on the region’s stability, with the situation in Las Anod being particularly affected by the lack of progress in holding the elections.

The absence of a clear election date has resulted in uncertainty and frustration among political actors and the general population, intensifying tensions and potentially contributing to the escalation of conflicts. This prolonged political stalemate has hindered the establishment of a stable and functioning government, impeding progress on crucial issues and exacerbating social divisions.

The ongoing conflicts in Las Anod have been further fueled by the delayed election process in Somaliland. The lack of an elected leadership has created a power vacuum, fostering a sense of lawlessness that has paved the way for tensions to erupt into armed clashes.

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