Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-The Somaliland Electoral Commission has on Wednesday issued a stern warning to President Muse Bihi Abdi, his ministers, and the ruling Kulmiye Party, accusing them of politicizing the upcoming elections scheduled for November. This warning highlights concerns over interference in the commission’s duties and independence.

In a statement, the Commission emphasized the habitual nature of political discussions by the government and Kulmiye Party regarding election issues. The Commission condemned this behavior, stating that it contradicts the rules and principles governing the elections and interferes with the Commission’s responsibilities.

“We are specifically sending a warning to ministers and officials of the Kulmiye Party who have been engaging in political campaigns concerning the duties of the Electoral Commission recently,” said Muse Yusuf Hassan, Chairperson of the Somaliland Electoral Commission. “As we are in a very sensitive and crucial election period, we urge all stakeholders to abide by election rules and uphold the independence of the Commission.”

The Commission stressed the importance of maintaining the neutrality and independence of the electoral body, especially during such a critical time. Chairperson Muse Yusuf Hassan reiterated his commitment to taking appropriate action against any individual or group found guilty of illegal misconduct.

“We will take proper action against anyone who engages in illegal misconduct,” Hassan warned, underscoring the seriousness of the Commission’s stance on this matter.

The electoral commission’s statement comes at a time when Somaliland is gearing up for its elections in November, a period marked by heightened political activity and scrutiny. The Commission’s call for adherence to election rules is a reminder of the need for a fair and transparent electoral process.

This development places additional pressure on the government and ruling party to respect the electoral framework and avoid actions that could undermine the integrity of the elections. The Commission’s firm stance serves as a critical check against potential abuses of power and ensures that the democratic process remains intact.

As Somaliland approaches its election date, the Electoral Commission’s warning highlights the importance of maintaining the independence and impartiality of electoral institutions, fostering a democratic environment where free and fair elections can take place.

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