Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-The President of the breakaway republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, has announced plans to establish a national airline, Somaliland Airlines, marking a significant step towards enhancing the region’s transportation infrastructure and asserting its autonomy. Speaking to the House of Representatives in Hargeisa on Sunday, President Bihi outlined the ambitious project and the steps being taken to bring it to fruition.

“We are going to establish Somaliland Airlines. Currently, we have four planes designated for training purposes. These planes will be assembled and adorned with the Somaliland flag within three weeks,” President Bihi stated. “We have coaches who will provide training in various skills related to aviation, including mechanics, pilots, and other staff roles.”

The President highlighted that a European-based company has been contracted to handle the training and certification processes. This company will ensure that the training standards meet international requirements, providing certifications similar to those issued in their respective countries in Europe.

“We have airports, so it is only fitting that we have our own national carrier,” Bihi added, emphasizing the need for a Somaliland-based airline to complement the existing airport infrastructure.

“The initiation of Somaliland Airline’s operations requires meticulous preparation, including the training of technicians (engineers and mechanics), pilots, and other essential staff. Currently, there are four pilot training planes stationed in Hargeisa, all belonging to Somaliland. Additionally, Hargeisa is equipped with experienced pilots and technicians who are prepared to train aspiring students”, Bihi said, saying this marks the initial phase in the execution of the Somaliland Airline plan.

The establishment of Somaliland Airlines is seen as a major step forward in improving regional connectivity and fostering economic growth. It also represents a symbolic assertion of Somaliland’s push for greater recognition on the international stage, as the region continues to function with a level of autonomy not officially recognized globally.

The initiative to create a national airline underscores Somaliland’s commitment to developing its own infrastructure and expanding its economic capabilities. The airline is expected to enhance travel and trade opportunities, providing a direct link between Somaliland and other parts of the world.

As the project progresses, the focus will be on training local staff and ensuring that the airline meets international standards, positioning Somaliland Airlines as a key player in the region’s aviation sector. The move is anticipated to have a positive impact on the local economy and increase the region’s visibility in the global market.

The establishment of Somaliland Airlines will be closely watched as a significant development in Somaliland’s journey towards self-sufficiency and greater integration into the global aviation industry.

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