Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland’s Quality Control Commission, on Tuesday, issued a ban on the sale and consumption of imported rice due to concerns about its quality, which were raised by the Office of Social Services.

In a statement, the Commission revealed that the ban resulted from comprehensive laboratory tests that were conducted.

“Following a letter from the Office of Social Services with REF: DHH/WAB/142/23, requesting a test to be carried out on imported rice, the Commission conducted an extensive laboratory test to assess the quality of the rice,” reads the statement.

“After the test, the Commission concluded that the rice is not fit for human consumption as it failed to meet the required standards.”

The Commission additionally urged the relevant authorities to prevent the sale of this rice to the public and ordered its disposal.

“Therefore, the Quality Control Commission instructs the Hargeysa district administration that these products should not be released to the public, orders the products to be burned, and impose fines on the importers,” the statement reads.

This action came after detectives from the Social Services Department intercepted a truck carrying imported consignments that had been cleared at the Berbera Port.

The importation of non-compliant goods in Somaliland has been on the rise in recent times, prompting the quality control authorities and detectives to take crucial steps in implementing effective corrective measures to safeguard public interest.

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