Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland Authorities on Sunday released MMT Director and journalist, Mohamed Abdi Illig from prison after he was found not guilty by the court in Hargeysa city.

“Thanks to Allah, I am released from the jail and I was not found guilty, but let me get rest and know more about, then I will get time to talk about my arrest”, Mohamed Abdi Illig said after his release.

He was arrested with the two journalists, Ilyas Abdinasir and Mohamed Abdi Abdullahi(Andar) from the same station on Saturday evening, January 6, 2024 after airing talkshow about threat and opportunities of the Memorandum of Understanding between Ethiopian and Somaliland, leasing 20 kilometers of Sea Access to Ethiopia.

In Hareysa, Somaliland, Journalists and media practitioners often face arrests and closure of media houses, putting freedom of press into danger. Somaliland warned Universal TV against hosting a talk show two weeks ago. 

Somaliland arrests three journalists during live X Space

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