Hargeisa(Mogadishu24)-The anticipation is building as Somaliland prepares to host the highly anticipated Tanasha International Half Marathon in Hargeisa on Friday, 23rd June 2023. With officials and athletes from various nations already present, including Djibouti, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Angola, and Congo, the stage is set for a spirited athletic competition. Somaliland, too, eagerly anticipates participation in the race.

Expressing warm greetings and extending a heartfelt welcome to the officials and athletes who have arrived for the Tanasha Half Marathon, the Somaliland Ministry of Sports officials stated, “We extend our warm welcome to the officials and athletes who have arrived here for the Tanasha Half Marathon, scheduled to take place on Friday, 23rd June 2023. So far, we have already welcomed representatives from South Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Angola, and Congo. Additionally, we are expecting the arrival of athletes from other countries within Africa in due course. A total of 11 countries, including Somaliland, will participate in this highly anticipated athletic competition,” said the official from the Ministry of Sport.

Highlighting the significance of hosting this international event, a Ministry of Sports official enthusiastically remarked.

 “We extend a warm welcome to all officials and athletes participating in the Hargeisa International Half Marathon. It is a great honor for our government and the ministry that our country has been chosen to host this esteemed international competition. The race will be a half marathon, covering a distance of 21 kilometers, and we have ensured that all necessary facilities and arrangements are in place,” another official added.

The Tanasha International Half Marathon represents a unique opportunity for Somaliland to showcase its vibrant sporting culture and demonstrate its capability in hosting international events. It serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to promoting sports and fostering global partnerships within the region.

As the clock ticks closer to the much-anticipated race day, Somaliland eagerly anticipates welcoming more athletes from across the continent. 

With the stage set, the athletes primed, and the host city brimming with excitement, all eyes are now fixed on Hargeisa, where the Tanasha International Half Marathon is poised to make a memorable mark in the annals of sporting history.

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