In a significant display of bilateral cooperation, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted an enhanced honor cordon and held a crucial bilateral meeting with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia at the Pentagon.
The discussions centered on strengthening security relations between the two nations, with a focus on Somalia’s efforts in combating the extremist group Al-Shabaab in central Somalia. Additionally, the security situation in Sudan emerged as a pertinent regional concern during the talks.
During the meeting, the US Secretary of Defense commended the Somali government and its security forces for their dedication and bravery in confronting the extremist group, which has long plagued the region with acts of violence and terrorism. The ongoing battle against Al-Shabaab was hailed as a significant step towards establishing stability and security in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa.
“Mr. President I also appreciate the transparency of your security initiatives such as fighting against the Al-shabaab terrorists in Somalia. I remain grateful for the willingness of your government and your people to host our forces in Somalia,” said Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense.
Highlighting the regional implications of the security situation, discussions also centered on the recent developments in Sudan. Both Secretary Austin and President Mohamud recognized the importance of addressing the challenges faced by Sudan, a neighboring country in the region.
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed his gratitude to Secretary Austin for the United States’ unwavering support and partnership in Somalia’s efforts to combat extremism and promote stability. He emphasized that Somalia remains steadfast in its commitment to establishing a peaceful and secure environment for its citizens.
“We are very much grateful for the support provided by the United States of America, defeating Al-Shabaab requires more than capable & affective security forces, but also an inclusive state building process & ability of the state to provide critical services to the Public, my administration has met strides over the last year in these areas,”
“The President emphasized the commendable and tireless efforts made by his government to achieve and uphold the stability of Somalia.
“Since my election, we held 6 successive national consultative council meetings that resulted in a consensus agreement with Federal Members States on power sharing, judicial model of the country, physical federalism, national security architecture and electoral model of democratic Somalia”, he said.

The discussions held at the Pentagon underscored the shared commitment of the United States and Somalia to address regional security concerns and promote peace and stability. It emphasized the importance of continued collaboration and support from the international community in tackling the complex issues facing the region.

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