Barawe(Mogadishu24)-The Southwest State in Somalia has on Thursday announced its decision to forcefully displace the wives and children of Al-Shabaab militants from Barawe District in the Lower Shabelle Region.

Hassan Abdiqadir Mohamed, the Minister of Southwest Security, has ordered the militant’s families, particularly the wives and children to leave the district, stating that the presence of Al-Shabaab’s families within the city cannot be tolerated as it poses Al-Shabaab threats to the local population.

The Minister has laid out a comprehensive plan to relocate the families of Al-Shabaab militants from various South West cities and ordered all the district administrations to scale up for the upcoming phase of the operation.

He has also indicated that the preparations for the second phase of the operation against the militia are in their final stages, as he aims to engage in discussions with the Police, Security forces, South West Forces, and the National Army.

The Government’s announcement came after Al-Shabaab militants have lifted the land blockade on Baidoa city, two weeks ago. This release followed negotiations between the traditional elders of the communities in Southwest State and Al-Shabaab officials.

The land blockade has had huge impacts in the region, with many trucks stuck for over a month. As a result, the cost of living has surged, further burdening the population already grappling with the impacts of drought. Food, fuel, and other essentials have seen a sharp price increase, which exacerbated the livelihoods of the people living in Baidoa.

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