Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-At least ten officers of the Somali National Army, including their Commander, were killed, and several others sustained injuries in a clash between two units of the Army Forces in Masjid Ali Gadud Area within the middle Shabelle region.

The confrontation erupted as Army Forces were dispatched to the area, where another unit of the Armed Forces was already present. During their journey, the newly deployed forces fell into an ambush set by the officers who were already stationed in the area.

As a result, the two Army groups engaged in a fierce battle, employing a range of advanced weaponry against each other.

Among the victims of the clash is Captain Mohamed Ahmed Abshir, the commander of one of the Army group involved in the fight, who was confirmed dead.

The government has not issued an official statement regarding the clash between the two SNA units.

Independent sources say the forces left Mogadishu and were on their way to frontlines in Galgudud region to reinforce the army fighting Al-Shabaab, but were trapped in an ambush during their journey at Masjid Ali Gadudud area.

Instances of armed conflicts involving different units of the government’s security forces have witnessed a recent increase. Security experts and critics claimed that these clashes might be orchestrated by officials within the security department, driven by undisclosed agendas.

This fight occurred a week after an attack on Jaalle Siyad Military Training College by a suicide bomber, who blew himself amidst the 14 August Military’s unit undergoing training.

The attack has raised serious questions about the breach of security measures that allowed the suicide bomber to access the well-protected military college. Following calls and inquiries from the Federal Parliament and security experts, 14 individuals, including the Commander of the training camp, were arrested as investigations remain ongoing.

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