Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Three privately owned ‘Electric Supply Companies’ on Tuesday signed a deal in which they were uniting their energy services at the Ministry of Energy and Water, in attendance with the Minister and the Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Minister of Energy and Water of the Federal Government of Somalia, Abdullahi Bidhan Warsame said that his Ministry was working on how the Somali people, in particular, those in the capital could get reliable and affordable power, mentioning the importance of cheap electric services as neighboring countries.

“We, the managers of the three energy companies, Beco, Blue sky and Mogadishu Electric Supply and the Ministry of Energy and Water jointed working on this agreement and we are pleased to do so and it is a national interest for both the country and people”, said, Abdirahman Ali Jama, COE of BECO.

He said that they are committed to develop and enhance electric supply services in the capital Mogadishu while uniting the companies which are operate separately.

Hassan Jama, CEO of Mogadishu Power and Abdullahi Sabriye, CEO of Blue Sky also appreciated the significance of the deal which they signed yesterday, saying they served the nation through difficult times.

Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre commended officials of the three energy providers, Benadir Electric Company, BlueSky Energy iyo Mogadishu Supply, saying that the Government set rules and regulations for companies.

“The Government set rules and policy, in order, to create an open market system that gives traders to compete in spreading their services and reducing losses which will all lead to bring economic sustainability and growth of productivity”, Barre said.

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