Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Nafiso Idle Yusuf Sheikh Ahmed, a six-year-old girl residing in the Tawakal neighborhood of in Mogadishu’s Darussalam area, was killed yesterday within the confines of their own home. The assailant responsible for this heinous act was identified as her cousin, known to be grappling with mental illness.

Idle Yusuf Sheikh Ahmed, the grief-stricken father of the victim, spoke to the press, recounting the heart-wrenching details surrounding his daughter’s untimely demise.
“Today, an unfathomable tragedy struck my household. There are no words to describe the pain we are enduring. This was something that was written by God, the girl we lost was my own daughter while the boy who committed this horrific act is my brother’s son, who grew up in my own house. Yes, he battles with sickness, but never did we foresee it escalating to this unimaginable level,” said Idle Yusuf.

Regrettably, such tragic occurrences have been plaguing various regions across Somalia, marking an unprecedented surge in familial homicides, leaving the nation bewildered and mourning.

The prevalence of these distressing events underscores a deep-rooted social issue that demands immediate attention. Mental health, often misunderstood and stigmatized, poses a grave concern within Somali society.
Furthermore, the frequency of these familial killings raises questions about the underlying social dynamics and stresses afflicting families in Somalia. Accessible mental healthcare services are alarmingly scarce, leaving individuals struggling with mental illnesses susceptible to falling through the cracks of a fragmented support system.

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