Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-British Embassy in Mogadishu on Monday launched the development phase of the “Better Lives for Somali Women and Children” programme, pledging £38m from 2023 to 2026. This initiative, in collaboration with UNICEF and other partners, aims to revolutionize healthcare for Somalia’s most vulnerable.

The programme will deliver crucial health and nutrition services, including immunization, maternal and newborn care, and treatment for malnutrition and childhood illnesses. It also focuses on enhancing the capacity of regional and district health authorities to lead and coordinate these services effectively.

At the launch event, British Ambassador to Somalia Mike Nithavrianakis emphasized the programme’s goal to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. He praised the partnership with UNICEF, calling it a “worthy goal” to save lives.

UNICEF’s Representative Wafaa Saeed acknowledged Somalia’s challenges, including conflict and climate change, but expressed optimism about strengthening the health system and supporting vulnerable populations.

The programme, part of the UK’s commitment to Somalia’s health and nutrition initiatives, aligns with efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage and the national health policy framework.

With a target of reaching approximately 4 million Somalis by 2026 across six regions and 15 districts, the “Better Lives” programme builds on a successful humanitarian phase. This phase achieved significant milestones, including full immunization for over 230,000 children and comprehensive care for hundreds of thousands of women.

“Better Lives for Somali Women and Children” promises transformative healthcare improvements, ensuring a healthier future for Somalia’s most vulnerable populations.

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