Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Sir Gavin Williamson, a Conservative Member of UK Parliament, has on Saturday addressed numerous challenges he faced during his efforts to Lobby For Somaliland’s pursuit for recognition as an independent nation.

During his visit to the Somaliland’s Parliament, the UK member of Parliament has expressed great disappointment with the International stance in recognising Somaliland as part of Somalia, and not as an independent nation.

“We all know the great challenges it is to build democracy. I understand the struggles that Somaliland has so long fought with. I am disappointed not just of the United Kingdom, US, China, Russia, Germany, Ethiopia or Kenya that they have not recognized the reality because there is the reality,” said Sir Gavin Williamson, the Conservative Member of the UK Parliament.

The parliamentarian proceeded to criticize Somalia, highlighting the issues within the country. Furthermore, he called on the international community and the United Nations to recognize Somaliland as an independent nation.

“There is the actual reality that here in Somaliland you do things right, yet in Somalia they do things wrong. Yet Somalia is rewarded and Somaliland is not, and that has to change and the International world, international governments, United Nations, and every nation around the world has to understand, and has to real that is here on the ground,” he added.

The UK member of Parliament’s visit to Somaliland came one month after he introduced a bill under the 10-minute rule in front of the UK Parliament. The bill aimed to persuade the UK government to officially recognize the Republic of Somaliland as an independent nation.

“I recognise that maybe a nation of 5.7 million people does not seem significant to Britain, but it is significant. It plays a pivotal role in terms of Africa, and I urge this House to take the action that is required to support the Republic of Somaliland and make sure that we deliver for the people of Somaliland as they have defended what we value so dearly, which is democracy and freedom,” Sir Gavin urged the UK Parliament.

This MP’s proposal reignited the debate and possibility of formal recognition, following the rejection of a similar bill by the UK Parliament in 2021. Somalilanders have warmly welcomed Sir Gavin’s bill, seeing it as a stepping stone towards their country’s long-awaited recognition as an independent nation.

Somaliland, the northern region of Somalia colonized by the British, has been striving for recognition as an independent nation for the past 32 years. Compared to other parts of Somalia, it has established a more peaceful government and environment, especially in the aftermath of the 1991 civil war.

However, the secession movement does not enjoy unanimous support from all communities and tribes within Somaliland. Many argue against the separation of Somaliland from the rest of Somalia.

One region expressing concerns about secession is Sool, which has faced marginalization and extrajudicial killings. The community in Sool has initiated a revolutionary movement opposing the secession, resulting in an eight-month conflict in Las Anod between Somaliland’s military forces and SSC soldiers. There is also formation of anti-government rebel groups in Somaliland calling themselves “Dulmi-diid” which are against the prolonged delays in the elections.

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