Hargeisa(Mogadishu24)-The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its support for the upcoming elections in the breakaway republic of Somaliland, scheduled for November 13 this year. The announcement came during a visit by the UK’s Ambassador to Somalia, who met with Somaliland President Muse Bihi in Hargeisa Friday.

Ambassador Mike Nithavrianakis’ visit underscored the UK’s commitment to aiding Somaliland in conducting free and fair elections. In his discussions with President Bihi, Ambassador Nithavrianakis highlighted the importance of regional stability and the readiness of the UK and other international partners to support the electoral process.

“Great to be back in Hargeisa meeting President Muse Bihi, discussing preparations for elections and regional stability. The UK and international partners stand ready to provide support to the delivery of free and fair elections in November,” The Ambassador stated.

The UK’s support is expected to bolster Somaliland’s efforts to ensure a transparent and democratic electoral process, contributing to the region’s overall stability and governance.

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