Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Chairperson of the Waberi district for Sports activities, Mohad Mohamud Ahmed was on Tuesday evening killed at his home in the district by Government soldiers according to his family.

The deceased and the murderer were reportedly disputed over football game event at the district headquarter in the afternoon, but the soldier came to the house of Waberi Sports Authority and shot him and he died of his wounds this morning.

Security forces arrested the soldier as soon as the incident happened and Mahad’s family demanded for justice.

“My son was killed in his house aggressively, he left nine young children, he was sportsman, we demand for justice. the murderer must be executed for us”, the mother of fallen man told local media in Mogadishu.

Such criminal activities are on the rise in the capital Mogadishu, despite courts’ struggling to handle such cases.

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