Dr. Mohamed Adan Jimale ‘Kofi, the former Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Agency, and Abdikadir Elmi Ali, the current Director, have vehemently denied the corruption allegations brought against them and have strongly contested claims suggesting their departure from the country following the completion of the forensic investigation report.

In a statement released on Friday, Director Abdikadir Elmi Ali clarified that his resignation was a voluntary decision made by him.

He confirmed that he officially submitted his resignation to the Ministry of Internal Security, while strongly refuting the corruption allegations leveled against him.

“The Government of Somalia maintains a transparent and concise structure, allowing for easy awareness of daily operations across all levels. As previously verified by the Ministry of Internal Security, I embarked on a pre-planned trip, which was duly announced through the government’s National Media channels,” said Abdikadir Elmi, Director of the Immigration Agency.

Despite these accusations, Mr. Abdikadir highlighted that the Immigration Agency made a significant contribution of 40% to the country’s revenue during his tenure.

“During my tenure as the leader of the Immigration and Nationality Agency, we witnessed a remarkable 40% increase in national income generated through immigration and immigration services,” he stated.

He also expressed that the investigations and prosecutions brought against him were driven by political motives. However, he emphasized that he remains unaware of the specific accusations brought against him.

“After witnessing the lack of independence in the judiciary and the control exerted over the law in this country, where decisions are influenced by certain offices, and observing the unfortunate politicization of investigations driven by personal ambitions for positions and jobs, I have officially submitted my resignation as the Director General of the Immigration Agency to the Ministry of Internal Security on 07/July/2023,” he added.

Former Director Mohamed Adan Jimale also asserted that his own accusations were politically motivated, further underscoring his perception that the Attorney General lacks independence in carrying out his duties.

“I am sorry to say this, but I perceive the Attorney General as a victim who has not been granted the freedom to carry out his work independently. I can feel the burden he is currently enduring,” Kofi conveyed.

Both Directors maintain that the immigration department played no role in the government’s finance and revenue system. They highlighted the department’s regular annual audits, which are implemented to mitigate potential corruption within the Agency.

In an announcement made by the Attorney General on Thursday, the names of 18 high-ranking government officials, including these directors, were disclosed. They stand accused of involvement in the embezzlement of $21 million in public funds, allegedly stolen from the government.

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