Bosaso(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State’s Military Court sentenced four men to 10 years in prison each for their alleged involvement with the Al-Shabaab militant group in Bosaso town in Bari region northeast Somalia Thursday.

The convicted individuals, identified as Abdirisak Mohamed Shire, Said Farah Abdikadir, Farhan Weyrah Lihad, and Abdiqani Ali Farah, and they were accused of facilitating bombings for Al-Shabaab.

Additionally, the court handed down five-year prison sentences to Rahmo Weydow Abdi and Shamso Ali Isaq, who were charged with collaborating with the convicted men according to the court officials.

These judgements come at a time when Bosaso has seen an increase in bombings attributed to Al-Shabaab, amid criticisms of security forces’ failure to address the city’s security challenges.

However, Puntland State security forces detained foreign individuals suspected of being members of the ISIS group in an area under Ufayn district in the same Bari region two days ago.

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