Jeddah(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s visit to Saudi Arabia culminated in a joint statement, affirming stronger economic and security partnerships. Both countries celebrated a significant increase in trade and expressed a commitment to furthering cooperation under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The discussions, held at the Al-Safa Palace, focused on enhancing investments in key sectors including agriculture, energy, and logistics. Climate change was a high-priority issue, with Somalia endorsing Saudi environmental initiatives.

Security talks led to an agreement on combating terrorism and cross-border crimes, reinforcing both nations’ dedication to regional stability. Saudi Arabia commended Somalia’s progress in national reforms and counter-terrorism efforts, highlighting the importance of international backing.

Concerns were voiced over regional tensions, especially in relation to Somalia’s sovereignty in light of Ethiopia’s dealings with Somaliland. The statement underscored support for Somalia’s unity and stability, aligning with the Arab League’s position.

The leaders called for a peaceful resolution to conflicts in Palestine and Yemen and underscored the necessity of security in the Red Sea region. President Mohamud’s trip concluded with mutual acknowledgments of the visit’s success in fostering bilateral and regional progress.

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