Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Government of Somalia has issued a stern warning to all fishing companies and vessel owners operating within its territorial waters. In a notice released yesterday by the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, the government is enforcing a strict adherence to the Somali Federal Fishery Law, especially concerning the prohibition of illegal trawling activities.

The Ministry has made it clear that violations of Article 31 of the law, which specifically bans trawling within Somali Federal territorial waters, will carry severe consequences including fines, imprisonment, confiscation of fish products, and seizure of equipment used in such illicit activities.

“These measures are essential to safeguard our marine resources and the delicate ecosystem of our fisheries,” the Ministry’s statement read. The move aims to protect the integrity of the nation’s marine resources and ensure sustainable fishing practices for future generations.

The notice ends with a firm reminder to the fishing community that failure to comply will lead to legal action, underlining the collective responsibility to maintain a healthy marine ecosystem. The government’s commitment to preserving its maritime resources is evident as it calls upon stakeholders to uphold the law and support the initiative.

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