Kampala,(Mogadishu24)-Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni welcomed the Somali National Army’s Chief, Gen. Ibrahim Sh. Muhudin Addow at the State House in Uganda, deepening military cooperation between the two countries towards the ongoing efforts to combat terrorist militants Al-Shabaab.

President Museveni pledged unwavering support from Uganda in various forms, including military training, continuous assistance, and direct military support, aimed at eradicating groups opposing peace within Somalia.

The commitment from Uganda comes at a critical time when Somalia is intensifying its operations against terrorism, seeking to secure its territory from Al-Shabaab.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the regional efforts to ensure peace and stability, demonstrating the shared resolve of Uganda and Somalia against the menace of terrorism.

Uganda is one the leading troop-contributing countries to the African Union Transition mission in Somalia and its troops arrived in the capital Mogadishu in March 2007 becoming the first contingent of AU Peacekeeping mission at the time.

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