Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)The Ministry of Animal Health and Veterinary in Ethiopia’s Somali Region, in collaboration with the Daratoole district administration and local veterinary staff, has embarked on a camel health treatment campaign across villages and rural areas in the Dollo region.

The team has previously focused on Danood and Daratoole districts but is now working closely with other district administrations and local animal health offices.

This campaign primarily aims to curb the spread of diseases and elevate the overall health of camels in the Dollo Region, which has a significant population of animals, mainly camels.

The veterinary team is set to extend its campaign to the Gallaadi district in Dollo to ensure the well-being of the region’s camel population.

The initiative is crucial in supporting communities that depend on livestock production from camels, goats, and cattle.

Ethiopia’s Somali Regional Administration has made considerable efforts in crucial sectors such as education, employment, agriculture, livestock, industry, and the utilization of natural resources in the region.

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